Become an Affiliate

If you are a company currently approved as a Liquor Law / Responsible Vendor training program provider for classroom training, but do not offer online training’s, we can help. We provide the online platform, the hosting, the maintenance, the payment gateway and the customer service – you provide the students.

How does all this work? We would give you a link to display on your website and any person who uses that link and pays for a training, your company will receive 50% of the monies collected for that referral. You will be able to login into the US Liquor Laws web-site administrator in order to monitor the students who have registered and paid through your website referral. At the beginning of each month we will run a report (the same reporting you will be able to access) and send you a check for your referrals during the course of the previous month. Checks are usually received no later than 15 days after the reporting month has concluded.

Simple, hassle-free and lucrative.

*A one-time account set up fee will apply.