Business Solutions

We understand Owners and Managers do not have a lot of spare time

Our Business Solutions course delivery system is user-friendly, cost effective and it allows you (the account admin) instant access to your employee’s certificates/permits.

Who has time to chase down employees for their liquor law certificates / server permits or keep track of who has been trained and who has not?

Corporations with a sizable number of employees or Small Businesses that just need an easier method of tracking employees training and certifications, may choose a Premium or Platinum account to conveniently access your employees completed certificates of training. Also, group discounts and volume pricing are available. Registration is completely free and there are no obligations or purchases required.

You will have access to your employee’s progress within a course they have yet to complete - just in case you need to give them some encouragement to complete the training course.

You will have access to your employees issued training certificate(s) - so you do not have to wait for them to give you a copy or hunt down another copy if it gets misplaced.


If you prefer to have your employees pay independently for the training, however you would like to monitor their progress and get access to their certificate once they have completed the course – a Premium Account is perfect for you and your business.


If you prefer to purchase the training courses in bulk to receive volume discounts and assign the training courses to your employees as well as monitor progress and get access to certificates – a Platinum Account would be perfect for you and your business.

Premium Platinum
No Cost or Purchase Requirements
Monitor Employee Progress
Access to Employees Certificates
Bulk Pricing / Volume Discounts
Assign and Auto Email Employees Login Information