Business Solutions

We Know You Don’t Have Time to Spare

Business Solutions can help
Our plans were designed with the needs of owners and managers in mind

With Business Solutions everything is organized and user-friendly.

  • All your employees’ issued training certificate(s) / permit(s) will be organized inone place.
    • You won’t have to wait for an employee to give you a copy of their certificate or hunt down another copy if it gets misplaced.
    • You also will be able to see when your employees’ certificates expire.
  • You will have access to your employees’ real-time progress in a course they have yet to finish – in case you need to encourage them to complete the course.
  • Registration is free and no purchase is required – you only pay for the courses.
  • You can also purchase courses in bulk and receive a volume discount (Platinum Plan only).

Business Solutions is for small businesses and larger corporations alike. You may choose the plan that best fits your needs: Premium or Platinum.


A Business Solutions Premium Plan is for you if you prefer to have your employees pay for their own training, but you would still like to monitor their progress and get access to their certificate / permit once they have completed the course.


A Business Solutions Platinum Plan is your best choice if you prefer to purchase the training courses in bulk to receive volume discounts. You can also assign the training courses to your employees as well as monitor their progress and get access to their certificates / permits.

Premium Plan Platinum Plan
Free registration – no purchase required
Monitor employees’ progress
Easy access to employees’ certificates / permits
See when employees’ certificates expire
Volume discounts
Assign courses and auto-email employees